Can I Travel with CBD oil? Yes*, and here’s a coupon for cbdMD

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For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume that you live in the United States. Something a lot of people wonder, particularly if they will be crossing state lines: is it legal to travel with CBD oil? The answer is yes, with some conditions.

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Before I get into those conditions I wanted to give you a heads up on some awesome vouchers for cbdMD. They make the kind of hemp-based and THC-free CBD oil that you are allowed to travel with in the United States (more about that below). And not only do they make a very high quality CBD oil, they have tons of promotions, especially for new customers. I can’t recommend them enough.

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Hemp CBD Oil vs. Cannabis CDB Oil

Okay, so here is where the asterisk in my answer of ‘Yes’ comes in. Although laws around this have been changing rapidly in the past few years and they do vary from state to state, on a federal level currently only the CBD oil made from hemp plants with a THC concentration of less than 0.3% is legal. As mentioned above, this is the type of CBD oil made by cbdMD (seriously use a coupon and try them out you won’t regret it) and most other CBD oil companies. CBD oil derived from hemp is what is typically prescribed for treating pain in the body as well as anxiety and insomnia. Heck, you can even get dog treats with CBD oil in them for Rover. It’s beyond the scope of this article here, but if you want to get into the science of how it works it’s pretty interesting. Use your Google Fu.

CBD oil made from the cannabis plant is a different story. This will have higher concentrations of THC, which is the compound that gives the user the ‘high’. This is legal in some states, but not in others. And, you can get it in trouble for having it on any federally owned land. Which brings me to my next point…

CBD Oil in State Parks

State parks are national land. That means you are not supposed to have CBD oil derived from the cannabis plant in a state park regardless of whether marijuana is legal in that state or not. Would you go to federal prison if a park ranger discovered you with some cannabis derived CBD gummies? Probably not, but you could be looking at a fine. Better safe than sorry, and to leave them at home. It might seem silly especially if you are in a state where marijuana has been legalized, but it is currently the law and it could always change in the future.

Now, if you use CBD oil derived from hemp to help you fall asleep at night or to treat your arthritis that is totally fine. Nothing illegal there.

Flying with CBD Oil

What about flying? Well, the TSA falls under federal jurisdiction so again you can have hemp based CBD oil in your carry on or checked luggage, but you can not have the cannabis based kind. The TSA are not police officers and they are not going through your bag looking for illegal substances. However if they find something during a security check, they can refer it to a law enforcement officer. If you are flying somewhere that you can legally purchase CBD oil with THC in it just get some after you land.

For your carry on luggage, even if you are travelling with the legal CBD oil made from hemp you still need to abide by the rules for carry on liquids and gels. Nothing larger than 100mL can go in carry on bags. Most CBD oil tinctures come in a bottle of 30-50mL so you should be okay, but do make sure you check ahead of time. You do not want to have to throw out a bottle at the security screening, high quality CBD oil is not cheap. I will mention again though that you can save a lot by using coupons!

If you will be flying internationally, you should carefully check the laws around CBD oil in the country you are traveling to. Many countries have very strict laws around CBD oil even if it’s derived from the hemp plant, so you definitely want to look into it carefully before you go.

Have a safe and comfortable trip

You wouldn’t travel without medication that’s a part of your daily routine, and CBD oil made from hemp is no different. If you use it for pain relief or anxiety management, it’s the same thing bringing some Aspirin or an Ativan along. So enjoy your trip!

Do I Need a GPS? And Other Budget Traveling Tips

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Do I Need a GPS? Technology Is Killing a New Field Before It Even Started.

do i need a gps

Expedia Coupons Will Help You Stay on Budget:

Getting a GPS for your rental car doesn’t necessarily have to be a back-breaker for your travel budget. You can offset the cost by using promo codes when you book your trip. While most flight companies have some kind of seat sale, they’re not always easy to find. We found that had expedia’s seat sales for most flights. Also, while most travel agencies have some type of travel promo codes available, they’re not always easy to find. You should try sites like orĀ skyscanner for coupons for Expedia.

Rental Companies Love To Sell You on Their GPS Add-Ons:

If you’ve ever gone travelling somewhere, the first thing rental companies will try to sell you is a GPS. But do you even need it in this day and age? The iPhone or smartphone in your pocket tends to have more processing power and juice in it than a standard low-end GPS. So why waste the money.

If you don’t use GPS very often, then a smartphone is more than capable of getting you to your new friend’s house, or a new restaurant that you’ve never been to. If you drive all the time (say, a package delivery service), then a GPS might be better.


In a word: data. We’re living in a weird limbo stage of technology where companies are trying to charge a lot for using a very small amount of data. So if your phone is using it up as you drive around (anytime you’re not on wifi you’re using data), you will use up your available data quickly. Not to mention your battery (GPS services are a huge battery drain).

Another time getting a GPS is useful is when you are travelling. Right now if you go to another country/state/province and use your phone on another carrier, you could be charged A LOT of money. Recent EU legislation is the first step in reining in these ridiculous fees, but for now getting a GPS with your rental car can be a time and money saver. That is, if you plan on doing a lot of driving where you’re travelling.

Another time you might want a GPS is if you’re going camping ‘off the grid’. If you know there won’t be any cellphone towers where you are (here’s a cool map of cellphone towers in your area, then you might want to get a GPS. The devices use actual satellite data to figure out your position, instead of cell phone towers, so it’ll be more reliable.

Any questions? You can ask me anything in our contact form.


Web Hosting for App Developers

The Secret Big Expense for App-makers

For those who don’t want to read the whole article: GoDaddy is the best new web services hosting company. Visit this website full of sales for GoDaddy to save at least $10 off their hosting plans.

When app developers first get started making apps, most of them don’t realize that one of their biggest expenses is going to be hosting.

Most apps and other web services use specialized hosting companies to handle all the data storage. When the user downloads an app from the app store, all that data isn’t hosted by Apple or Google: it’s the app developer. The same is true when you update an app: the information comes from servers paid for by the company.

For the first couple years of the ‘app-craze’, there was only one horse in town: Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon has a specialized hosting platform for web applications. And indeed even Apple’s iCloud service partially uses AWS (as well as Microsoft’s Azure).

But there’s a problem when you’re the only game in town: prices tend to be unfair. For the aspiring app engineer, the AWS costs can be prohibitive. Especially if you’re releasing a free app.

There’s been a few new app hosting companies to appear: Webfaction and rackspace are a couple examples. But the easiest and cheapest one we’ve found is Digitalocean.

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Started as late as 2012, Digitalocean is as simple as their interface. You pay for the data used, instead of a monthly fee, and the prices are very reasonable. Deployment is pretty quick as well: our first ‘droplet’, as they call it, was deployed in three minutes after we signed up.

Their interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. We can’t recommend them enough. Oh, and make sure you use the promo code at the beginning of this post to save some more cash as well.

Best GPS iPhone Apps

The Future of GPS is in your Phone

While GPS devices are being incredibly common these days, if you have a smartphone with you, then there’s no real need to use another device that does the exact same thing. Give yourself a sturdy phone case from a good technology blog and you’ve got a GPS device ready to go.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why using your smartphone is actually much better than having a GPS device.

  1. It’s Cheaper – the cost of a GPS app on your phone will run you anywhere from $50 to completely free (it depends on how many features you want).
  2. It’s an Anti-Theft Device – You don’t have worry about people breaking into your car for your GPS if it’s in your pants pocket.
  3. Flexibility – Some GPS devices are more accurate than others. With apps you can learn which one is easier to use for you.

Speaking of which, here’s our picks for the best GPS iPhone apps:

2. MotionX GPS Drive

gps motionx apps for iphone

MotionX is ia multipurpose GPS app that gives you turn by turn navigation, as well as backpacking trails and more. Thanks to a recent update it has a big, beautiful display, lots of social media integration, compass, as well as lots of storage for saving waypoints and more. MotionX uses Google Maps in their app.

$1.99 in the iTunes Store.

1. NAVIGON North America

best gps iPhone apps

Navigon used to be a GPS Hardware company, but then pulled out to focus on their GPS app instead (apparently they could see the future coming!). The app has beautiful, detailed 3-d maps and an intuitive voice command. It stores map data locally for smoother operation as well. It’s expensive, but is hands down better than any budget-GPS device out there.

$59.99 in the iTunes Store

3. Waze

There’s a reason Google bought out Waze. Despite already having an expansive map system of their own, Waze brought with them a large and enthusiastic community that loves to share real time data like traffic, accidents and roadblocks. That was google maps’ biggest drawback. It’s a fun, care free app that’s as detailed as Google but will give you all that useful information I just mentioned. And the best part? Free.

Free in the iTunes Store.

There you have it. Anything I missed……let’s see here.

Google Maps. It’s the original, and the best. The turn-by-turn navigation has been added to iOS (it used to only be on Android devices). It’s free, and it works.